Maski jeszcze raz zdemaskowane, czyli maseczkologia oczami chłopa


Na temat szkodliwości narzuconych narodom świata obostrzeń napisano przez ostatnie dwa lata tysiące artykułów. 

Thousands of sentences were uttered, which, unfortunately, we could only hear on web TV independent of the Lords of the World. The so-called mainstream media remained deaf to the opinions of people who only cared about the good of society. Instead, they glorified - often elevating to the status of heroes - those who, for a modest fee from pharmaceutical companies, pushed lies on us. The people, staring at their television screens, believed the information conveyed there without question. Thinking, cool analysis and logic were completely and utterly switched off. In 2020, the world was gripped by fear - PANDEMIA!

I would like to tell you briefly what I, a regular guy, without PhDs or academic degrees, thought in the first quarter of 2020:                                                     


A soldier, when he hears the order " down ", lies flat with his nose to the ground. But as time passes, no one fires, nothing threatening is heard, he cautiously starts to get up and look around to see who misled him and why. The world heard " down" and it did .... Even though no one was shooting. The information that was offered to the public in the TV news quickly turned out to be fakes. Old photos, old videos, certainly not concerning the pandemic threat. Artificially prepared situations in hospitals, celebrity "acting antics ". More and more people "at the bottom" saw this as a set-up organised by those "at the top". And the world was lying ...

And the terror began... bans, orders, quarantines, closures of everything around and the famous MEDICAL MASKS that were supposed to protect us from the deadly virus.

Despite the fact that the light of reason should have been lit in our heads long ago, the fact of the promotion of the MEDICAL MASKS in the fight against the virus should have triggered the first level alarm. Let us leave aside the question of the existence or non-existence of the virus. Opinions are divided. Let us assume that this "unknown something" is a virus. If it is, then its size is measured in nanometric units. Anyone, even those who did not graduate from textile schools, knows that fabric is a weave of threads alternately interlaced horizontally and perpendicularly. It therefore has a grid structure. Between the weaves, with a little magnification, you can see the open spaces. Like in a fishing net. You don't have to be a physicist or a mathematician to understand that a whole squadron of viruses can fly through such a hole without even rubbing against each other! So what is the point of wearing such a net over your face? You might as well cover yourself with a ladder.

As aerobic organisms, we must - according to our mass - take in an adequate dose of oxygen. ANY reduction in this over the long term results in cell death and the gradual degradation of our organs. The fastest and worst affected are the cells of the brain and nervous system. In the process of breathing, a by-product is the carbon dioxide we emit when we exhale. I am writing this in the hope that most of us have retained at least some scrap of knowledge from school that CO2 is a poisonous gas for us!

If we cover our face, the CO2 we exhale will not have time to escape before our next inhalation! So we "draw" it into the body again! And this in an amount several times its (the body's) capacity! We poison ourselves!

Last but not least, viruses will be able to pass freely through our mesh in either direction, but micro-organisms and bacteria of all kinds will not... Because they are bigger than our mesh. They will settle - exhaled - on the inside of the mesh and be attracted from the outside during inhalation. And as they are living organisms, they reproduce. Given fantastic conditions for this (moisture, temperature, food), they will multiply at the speed of light. After a few hours, our "net" will resemble an anthill. A living micro-ecosystem that will live its own life. And only thanks to those strings on its ears will it not crawl away on its own from our face. These organisms, despite being small, are nimble, so they need to feed. They have plenty of food. And because they eat, they also excrete. Endotoxins. This is a worse poison than pesticides... If you take increased doses of them, it can lead to an increased risk of cancer, endocrine problems, damage to the nervous system, diabetes and other health troubles that activate after a long time. The consequences can be bad especially for the most vulnerable population groups, such as children (especially vulnerable!), the elderly, or other risk groups (people with weakened immune systems, chronically ill people, etc.). Constant, multi-hour, multi-day, multi-month, bi-annual auto-intoxication....


And now let's ask ourselves - was it just training, assassination and terror behind this order? Or was it perhaps the deliberate destruction of our immunity and, in effect, the poisoning of us humans....


Greetings to you and I appeal to you: DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!


                                                                  Mariusz Kaźmierczak


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